Software Verification

2.0 PDK/Code/IP/Translation Checking

The top three reasons companies are forced to manipulate a PDK are:

  1. The foundry is taking too long to implement a solution.
  2. The foundry rejects modifying/supplementing their PDK.
  3. The fabless semiconductor company does not want to share their ideas/changes with the competition (other foundry customers) so nothing is disclosed with the foundry.

Without a commercial tool and/or a strategy that streamlines this integration process adding the accumulated changes is a daunting task. As time goes by, the integration of changes compounds dramatically until one or more of the following situations occurs.

  • Some of the changes implemented in previous releases are dropped.
  • Regression changes take too long which delay a PDK release.
  • Fabless semiconductor added enhancements breaks foundry PDK or vice versa.

This utility examines PDK Path1 and PDK Path2 and generates information about the contents of the directories. Listings of files that are unique to each directory and files that are different in size are generated and are scrutinized with the Viewer. The utilities pre/post filtering options, action history retention, flexibility (compatible with most 3rd party file diff tools), speed, and special recognition of EDA files(, prop.xx, and etc) make it a captivating and essential tool in reducing the chances of one of the issues mentioned above to occur.

Additional checking and comparison:

  • Of Skill/Verilog/liberty/netlists and other files.
  • 3rd party IP files revisions.
  • Verifying integrity when porting CDBA to OA cells.

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